1. A

    • Aerosol

      An aerosol is a suspension of fine solid particles and/or liquid droplets in a gas (usually air). 

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    • Alternatives to smoking

      Philip Morris International's smoke-free products do not involve burning, but have the nicotine and taste that can satisfy adult smokers.
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  2. C

    • Cigarette

      A cigarette is a thin cylinder made out of tobacco, ingredients, and nontobacco materials.
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    • Combustion

      Combustion is the process of burning a substance in oxygen, producing heat and often light.
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  3. E

    • E-cigarettes

      E-cigarettes, also called electronic cigarettes, e-vapor products, or vapes, are a popular smoke-free category of products without tobacco.
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    • Electronic heating blade

      A ceramic sensor blade is used inside IQOS ORIGINALS heated tobacco devices (IQOS ORIGINALS 1, IQOS 2.4, IQOS 2.4+, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 Duo, and IQOS 3 Multi).
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    • E-liquid

      E-liquid refers to a liquid solution used in e-cigarettes.
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  4. G

    • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

      Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are our regulations and measurable standards that must be met by all who grow and supply tobacco to PMI.
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  5. H

    • Harm reduction equation

      The harm reduction equation describes the criteria for making a significant impact on public health by converting the greatest number of existing adult smokers to less harmful alternatives to smoking
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    • Heat-not-burn

      Heat-not-burn products, also known as heated tobacco products, only heat tobacco.
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    • HEETS and HeatSticks

      HEETS, also known as HeatSticks in some markets, are specially designed heated tobacco units intended for exclusive use with IQOS ORIGINALS heated tobacco devices.
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    • HPHCs

      HPHCs is the abbreviation for Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents, and is the term used by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
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  6. I

  7. N

    • Nicotine

      Nicotine is a naturally occurring chemical in the tobacco plant, and is one of the reasons why people smoke cigarettes.
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    • Nicotine pouches

      Nicotine pouches are a type of oral smokeless product, sometimes called “nicopods” or “tobacco-free snus.”
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  8. O

    • Oral mucosa

      The oral mucosa is the mucous membrane lining inside the mouth, which includes the cheeks and lips.
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    • Oral smokeless products

      The oral smokeless category includes snus, nicotine pouches, chewing tobacco (loose leaf, plug, or twist), oral snuff, and dip tobacco.
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  9. R

    • Reduced-Risk Products (RRPs)

      We use the term reduced-risk products (RRPs) to refer to products that present, are likely to present, or have the potential to present less risk of harm to smokers who switch to those products versus continued smoking.
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  10. S

    • Scientific assessment program

      Our scientific assessment program is a comprehensive set of studies to determine the risk profile a product presents in comparison to cigarette smoking.
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    • Smoke 

      Although some people may confuse them with cigarettes, e-cigarettes (also known as vapes or e-vapor products) and heated tobacco products are fundamentally different from cigarettes, and do not produce smoke.
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    • Smoke-free products

      Philip Morris International has a growing portfolio of smoke-free products that offers a range of different choices for adult smokers. The portfolio includes heated tobacco, e-vapor, and oral smokeless products.
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    • Smokeless tobacco

      Examples of smokeless tobacco include snus, snuff (moist or dry), chewing tobacco (loose leaf, plug, or twist), and dip tobacco.
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    • Smoking-related diseases

      Cigarette smoking is addictive and can cause certain diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and emphysema.
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    • Snus

      Snus is a smokeless, powdered form of tobacco and can come either loose or in a pouch.
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  11. T


      TEREA SMARTCORE STICKSTM are specially designed heated tobacco units intended for exclusive use with the IQOS ILUMA induction heated tobacco device.
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    • Tobacco

      Tobacco is a green, leafy plant that typically grows in warm climates, and is the core component of many of our products.
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    • Tobacco curing

      Curing is the term used for drying tobacco, and is performed after harvesting the leaves from the field.
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    • Tobacco Heating System (THS)

      Philip Morris International’s Tobacco Heating Systems (THS), better known as heated tobacco products or heat-not-burn products, do not burn tobacco.
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    • Tobacco sticks or heated tobacco units

      Tobacco sticks, also known as heated tobacco units, are units of tobacco which are inserted into a heated tobacco device. The device warms the tobacco unit without combustion, allowing the user to draw on it to enjoy the flavor of heated tobacco.
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    • Tobacco-free products

      Philip Morris International’s tobacco-free products contain nicotine but not tobacco, and include e-vapor and oral smokeless products.
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  12. V

    • Vaping

      Vaping typically describes the use of an e-cigarette or e-vapor product, which produces a vapor that is inhaled by the consumer.
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    • Vapor

      Consumers commonly use the term vapor to refer to the aerosol generated from a smoke-free product.
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    • VEEV ONE

      VEEV ONE is a closed-pod e-vapor product, also known as an e-cigarette, or vape.
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