A cigarette is a thin cylinder made out of:

  • tobacco, selected according to specific blends and leaf grades to maintain the consistency and distinctive character of each brand
  • ingredients, added to many of our brands to keep the tobacco moist, aid the manufacturing process, replenish natural sugars lost during leaf curing, and contribute to each brand’s unique taste
  • nontobacco materials, such as cigarette paper and filters

When a smoker lights a cigarette, it starts a high-temperature reaction known as burning or combustion. Then the consumer draws air through the cigarette for a certain number of puffs, until the tobacco leaves and paper are completely burned to ash. 

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It is well known that smoking cigarettes causes serious disease and is addictive. However, for those who want to continue to enjoy tobacco, alternatives to smoking exist – find out about our common-sense approach to public health and discover our portfolio of smoke-free products that are a better choice for smokers.