Discover how PMI builds leading cigarette brands like Marlboro and a new portfolio of smoke-free alternatives

We’re known for our global portfolio of leading cigarette brands. And we’re building a new portfolio of smoke-free alternatives.

PMI products are sold in over 180 markets. In many of these we hold the number-one or number-two position by market share. Six of the top 15 international brands in the world are ours.

Our portfolio of international and local brands is led by Marlboro, the world’s best-selling international cigarette, which accounted for around 34 percent of our total 2018 cigarette shipment volume. Marlboro is complemented in the premium-price category by Parliament and Virginia S. Our leading mid-price brands are L&M, Lark, Merit, Muratti, and Philip Morris. Other leading international brands include Bond StreetChesterfieldNext, and Red & White.


Marlboro logo

Marlboro is one of the best-known trademarks among all consumer products, and has been the world’s number-one international cigarette brand since 1972. In 2018, Marlboro's volume outside the United States and China was 264 billion cigarettes, reinforcing its leadership position as the number-one cigarette brand worldwide. 

In 2013, we introduced Marlboro 2.0, featuring a more modern look for our iconic brand. The new pack is now available in approximately 100 countries. 

L&M logo

L&M originated in the United States in 1953. In 2018, L&M had a volume of 90 billion cigarettes. It is the fourth best-selling international cigarette brand outside the United States and China.

Chesterfield Logo

Chesterfield is the third-largest international PMI brand with a volume of 59 billion cigarettes in 2018.

Philip Morris Logo

The Philip Morris brand is PMI’s fourth-largest international brand with a volume of 50 billion cigarettes in 2018, and is sold in over 40 countries.

Parliament Logo

Parliament is PMI’s fifth-largest international brand, and the twelfth-largest cigarette brand in the world. In 2018, Parliament volume was 42 billion cigarettes, sold in more than 30 countries, with a strong presence in Russia, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.


Bond Street Logo

Bond Street is PMI’s sixth-largest international brand with a volume of 32 billion cigarettes in 2018.

Local HEritage Brands

We also own a number of important local cigarette brands, including: Dji Sam Soe, Sampoerna A and Sampoerna U in Indonesia; Fortune and Jackpot in the Philippines; Belmont and Canadian Classics in Canada; and Delicados in Mexico. 

In addition to our leading international and local cigarette brand portfolio, we’re also commercializing smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes which we call reduced-risk products (RRPs).* In this dynamic area of RRPs, we have already introduced our heated tobacco system IQOS.

IQOS logo

IQOS is a precisely controlled heating device into which a specially designed tobacco product under the brand names HEETS and HeatSticks is inserted and heated to generate a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor. IQOS was first introduced in Nagoya, Japan in 2014. Today IQOS is available in key cities in 61 markets across the world.

* Reduced Risk Products (“RRPs”) is the term we use to refer to products that present, are likely to present, or have the potential to present less risk of harm to smokers who switch to these products versus continuing smoking.  PMI has a range of RRPs in various stages of development, scientific assessment and commercialization. Our RRPs are smoke-free products that produce an aerosol that contains far lower quantities of harmful and potentially harmful constituents than found in cigarette smoke.

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