Oral smokeless products are a category of smoke-free products which can offer a better alternative than continuing to smoke cigarettes.

The category differs from other smoke-free products—such as heat-not-burn devices (aka heated tobacco products) and vapes (aka e-cigarettes or e-vapor products)—because they are not inhaled and don’t produce vapor. Instead, they are placed in the mouth so that nicotine and flavors can be released.

The oral smokeless category includes snus, nicotine pouches, chewing tobacco (loose leaf, plug, or twist), oral snuff, and dip tobacco. Traditional nasal snuff does not belong to this category as it is usually consumed nasally, although it has more in common with this category than vapes or heat-not-burn/heated tobacco products.

PMI believes it’s important that adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke should have access to a wide portfolio of products to help them switch to a better alternative.