Oral smokeless products include nicotine pouches and snus. 

Nicotine pouches are made primarily of nicotine and flavors, while snus contains smokeless tobacco. Both are wrapped in a cellulose pouch, which is placed between the gum and the cheek or upper lip.

The nicotine is then absorbed through the oral mucosa. These smoke-free products are not risk-free and provide nicotine, which is addictive.


  • Product does not contain tobacco and is inherently smoke-free
  • SHIRO nicotine pouches are consumed by placing the pouch between the gum and the cheek or upper lip, and nicotine is primarily absorbed through the oral mucosa
  • They contain primarily nicotine, flavors, and a cellulose substrate intended for oral use 
  • In line with the Swedish Institute for Standards and our own quality standards, food-grade flavors are used in our nicotine pouches

Our leading nicotine pouch, made of high-quality ingredients and nicotine.