Tobacco sticks, also known as heated tobacco units, are units of tobacco which are inserted into a heated tobacco device. The device warms the tobacco unit without combustion, allowing the user to draw on it to enjoy the flavor of heated tobacco.

Philip Morris International (PMI) offers a range of tobacco sticks manufactured for exclusive use with each of our heated tobacco holders. Each one varies in length, diameter, and design to fit the appropriate holder.

Our tobacco stick portfolio includes:

Cigarettes cannot be used with PMI’s heated tobacco holders, nor can tobacco sticks be smoked.


* As per the global collaboration agreement between PMI & KT&G, first announced in January 2020—PMI will distribute, outside of Korea, a variety of heated tobacco systems from the KT&G portfolio. After three years of successful collaboration, PMI announced arrangements to extend and deepen the collaboration with KT&G in January 2023. The agreements provide long-term exclusive rights for PMI to commercialize KT&G’s innovative smoke-free products outside of South Korea. The trademark license agreement covers fifteen years, to January 29, 2038, with performance-review cycles and associated commitments, based on volume, to be confirmed for each three-year period, to allow flexibility for evolving market conditions.