HEETS, also branded as HeatSticks in some markets, are specially designed tobacco products that contain tobacco material and several filter sections. These heated tobacco units are intended exclusively for use with a precisely controlled heating device that we are commercializing under the IQOS brand name.

HEETS are made up of elements that include a tobacco plug, hollow acetate tube, polymer-film filter, cellulose-acetate mouthpiece filter, and outer and mouth-end papers.

Our heated tobacco products are made by blending high-quality tobaccos from selected types and origins. These tobaccos are then ground to provide the perfect mixture and reconstituted back into a tobacco sheet to manufacture HEETS.

We disclose the ingredients that go into our heated tobacco products. Use our ingredient finder to find out what’s in each one. Start by selecting the country where the product is sold.


Product ingredient finder

Heatstick paper

Hollow tube

PLA crimped filter

PLA crimped filter

Tipping paper


Filter plug wrapper

HAT plug wrapper

Tobacco plug wrapper

Ingredients added to the tobacco

The information disclosed on the Philip Morris International website is provided on a voluntary basis by the company for consumer information purposes only. This information is not suitable for use by regulatory authorities. Philip Morris International provides official reports to regulatory authorities in line with applicable legal requirements. 

We aim to strike a reasonable balance between providing detailed information about the ingredients in our products while protecting our proprietary recipes from disclosure to competitors or counterfeiters. This is why we merge similar product portfolios of different markets together. In this case, the merged markets, grouped by region, are clearly indicated when navigating the section “Components” or the section “Added ingredients.”  The “Ingredients in a specific brand” section remains market-specific.


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