Society can change when each and every one of us makes the change for the better. This is what us, the people of Philip Morris Cyprus, believe.

For this reason, before we ask everyone else to change, we change first. Continuously. Each day we change for the better, the way we work, our environmental footprint, our contribution to the economy, our role in society.

Society also expects us to act responsibly. For this reason, we are clear: Smoking is not risk-free. The safest choice for a smoker is to quit smoking. Despite efforts to decrease smoking, the World Health Organization estimates in 2025 there will be approximately 1 billion people who will continue to smoke. As a market leader and responsible company, we owe it to them, to offer better alternatives.

Our principle is clear:

  • If you don’t smoke, don’t start.
  • If you smoke, quit.
  • If you don’t quit, change.
  • In the past, PMI’s products – conventional cigarettes – did not allow us to be our better self as a company.

    Today, though, we can.

    Driven by science and technology, we develop a series of a science-based pioneering technological products that constitute a big change for the better. A better alternative to cigarettes.

    Afterall, this is our mission: to improve the lives of those who do not quit smoking. Our disruptive vision can bring many positive changes.

    We cannot, however, achieve this on our own. We need everyone’s contribution: national Authorities, scientific community, civil society. With science and data as a beacon. With a belief in inclusion, dialogue, and cooperation.

    Together we can leave cigarettes in the past and change society for the better.

    Cyprus begins the big, positive change. Driven by science and technology, we are moving towards a world without cigarettes.

    All together.


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Smoking and health