PMI develops and tests products that provide nicotine without the harmful smoke produced by cigarettes - but which satisfy the needs of adult nicotine users.

Since 2008 PMI has invested over >12.5 billion, employing over 1,586 world-class scientists, engineers, and technicians. Millions of smokers have already switched to the first of our smoke-free products.

Our priority is clear – to make thousands of adult smokers switch to less harmful alternatives than continued smoking, as soon as possible. These new products are for adult smokers only and not for non-smokers or former smokers.


Developing scientifically substantiated better alternatives to cigarettes.

A common-sense approach for public health.

According to the World Health Organization, over a billion people will smoke in 2025, despite campaigns to quit smoking. There is no substitute for quitting smoking, but we believe that there can be a big impact on public health by promoting alternatives to cigarette smoking.

This is the reason we invest in alternative products who satisfy adult smokers and are less harmful than cigarette.

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Developing alternative products less harmful than cigarettes.

Innovative Products for Smokers

PMI develops innovative products with the perspective of substituting cigarettes.

All of PMI’s inhalable nicotine products avoid burning tobacco or producing smoke, each in its own way. They are designed to deliver a nicotine-containing (or nicotine-free) aerosol.

PMI designs all these innovative products in a way that satisfies adult smokers, so they switch to them.

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On a scientific basis and with meticulous testing

Leading scientific research and development

The entire R&D department of PMI focuses on developing products that satisfy adult smokers around the world and are less harmful than cigarettes. PMI has set high scientific standards and follow a strict evaluation program. We also invite independent organisations to certify the results of our studies.

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