As one of the leading companies in the market, we are working on a sustainable, smoke-free future. In our eyes, sustainability means that we create a long-term value which benefits society, while also minimizing the negative external economic and environmental impacts of our business activities. The key to sustainability is business transformation, the goal of which is to make cigarettes a part of the past and to offer alternative technologies representing a better choice than the continuation of smoking to those adult smokers who do not quit.


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Our objective is to be excellent in business as well as being an attractive employer. We are responsible for the environment and for the society in which we live and operate. We are engaged in the battle against the illegal trade in cigarettes. We are proud of our support for communities where our employees live and work. We play our part in programmes and initiatives that serve good causes and encourage social dialogue resting on scientific foundations.

We devote particular attention not only to the manufacturing and development of our products, but to our employees as well. At Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. we believe that one has always to work by building on feedback, whether it comes from our consumers, business partners or employees. We continuously endeavour to reach better decisions based on this feedback and to step forward with innovative ideas. We pay great attention to ensuring that our employees can harmonize the challenges of work and private life. It is our belief that our staff can only provide truly outstanding professional performance when there is a balance in their work and family circumstances. Several professional organizations have already acknowledged our achievements in this area, thus we have been certified on multiple occasions as a Family Friendly Company, a Top Employer and an Equal-Salary Employer as well.

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Based on Article (2) § 20. of Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Basic Requirements and Certain Restrictions of Commercial Advertising Activities Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. announces the following:

Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. made no expenditures on sponsoring in 2023.

Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. spent HUF 178,033,265 on advertising in 2023 in accordance with the Commercial Advertising Law.