Science and Innovation



Inventing better, satisfying alternatives for the greatest number of smokers

A common-sense approach for public health

Over a billion people will smoke in 2025 according to the World Health Organization, despite campaigns to quit smoking. There is no substitute for quitting, but we believe we can have a big impact on public health by promoting alternatives to smoking cigarettes.

That’s why we are making major investments in alternative products that satisfy adult smokers but offer less risk than cigarettes.


Creating less harmful alternatives to cigarettes

Breakthrough Products for Smokers

We are developing new products with the potential to replace cigarettes. We do this by applying technologies that do not require burning (or combustion) and that produce a flavorful and satisfying nicotine-containing vapor (instead of smoke).

We are designing all these breakthrough products to appeal to adult smokers so that they switch to them.


Robust science and rigorous testing

Cutting-edge scientific research and development

Our entire R&D organization is focused on developing satisfying products that are less harmful than cigarettes for adult smokers around the world. 

We have set high scientific standards for ourselves and follow a rigorous assessment program. We also invite independent verification of our scientific results.

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