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Welcome to Massalin Particulares S.R.L, Philip Morris International’s affiliate in Argentina. The history of Massalin Particulares dates back to 1900 when a company named La Argentina began manufacturing tobacco products, including the brands Arizona and Colorado.


Massalin Particulares S.R.L. operates two cigarette manufacturing plants, one in Merlo (Buenos Aires) and another one in Goya (Corrientes). It has a tobacco leaf processing plant in Rosario de Lerma (Salta) and a national tobacco warehouse in Perico (Jujuy), besides tobacco storage centers in these two last locations. Additionally, the company is present in Alem (Misiones) with technical agriculture assistance and has central offices in Vicente López, Buenos Aires Province.


Key Facts

Number of Employees

Approximately 2,500

Main brands

Philip Morris, Marlboro


Philip Morris International bought a controlling interest of Massalin & Celasco, as the company was known, in 1965. In 1980, Massalin & Celasco merged with two other cigarette manufacturers to form Massalin Particulares. Today, we are the leading tobacco company in Argentina, and we employ approximately 2,500 people in seven locations around the country.

We operate three manufacturing facilities, and we buy tobacco from five provinces and over 7,400 tobacco growers. We support many social programs in Argentina aimed at making a difference in the local communities where we operate. This includes efforts to prevent child labor in tobacco growing and to enhance the quality of, and access to, education.

Head Office

    Massalin Particulares S.R.L.
    Antonio Malaver 550
    Vicente López, Provincia de Buenos Aires

Service Center

    Philip Morris Latin America Services S.R.L.
    Juan Carlos Cruz 1960
    B1638BHT-Vicente Lopez- Pcia BA

Manufacturing Facility, Merlo

    Massalin Particulares S.R.L
    Av. Rivadavia 26950,
    CP 1722
    Buenos Aires

Manufacturing Facility, Goya

    Massalin Particulares S.R.L
    Ejército Argentino 156
    CP 3450

Consumer Service

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