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Welcome to Philip Morris Austria GmbH. In 2012, Philip Morris Austria GmbH was incorporated and began its business operations. Philip Morris Austria GmbH today is the market leader in the Austrian cigarette market.

Key Facts

Number of Employees

Approximately 40

Main brands

Marlboro, Chesterfield, L&M, Philip Morris

We operate throughout Austria and have approximately 20 employees at our headquarters in Vienna. Kühne & Nagel is our logistics partner. Consulting and advertising of Philip Morris products continues to be carried out by On Market Service GmbH.

As a company represented in all markets worldwide, we recognize and meet our social responsibility. In Austria, we support various projects in our areas of sponsorship, including the Association of Independent Austrian Women’s Refuges and the Scholarship Program of Forum Alp­bach.

We believe that representation of interests in political processes is a legitimate part of the democratic system. In order to ensure the greatest possible transparency in this process, we have committed ourselves to a code of conduct that also fully complies with the requirements of the Austrian lobbying and interests representation transparency law.

Philip Morris Austria GmbH

    Philip Morris Austria GmbH
    Vorgartenstraße 206 C / 6. Stock
    1020 Wien

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