Philip Morris International (PMI) has three subsidiaries in the Benelux: Philip Morris Benelux BVBA, Philip Morris Investments B.V., and Philip Morris Luxembourg S.a.r.l.




Key facts

Main brands

Marlboro (the number one brand in the Benelux), L&M, and Chesterfield

Philip Morris Benelux BVBA is based in Antwerp, Belgium, and is responsible for the marketing and sales of Philip Morris Benelux BVBA products.

Philip Morris Holland B.V. (PMH) consists of the Bergen op Zoom production facility, where we produce semi-manufactured goods for use in other PMI factories. The site also contains a flavor center and serves as a logistics hub. The Dutch Sales Organization is part of PMH.

In June 2016, PMH announced that its parent company, PMI, is planning to invest EUR 65 million in Bergen op Zoom to install two new production lines for the manufacturing of the tobacco sheets used in its HeatSticks.  

PMI attaches great importance to top-quality working conditions for its employees, as well as skills enhancement. In 2020, we were awarded Top Employer Holland, Top Employer Belgium, and Top Employer Europe by the Top Employers Institute.


Smoking and health


Philip Morris Benelux BVBA

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