Welcome to Philip Morris Costa Rica. Its origin dates back to 1930s, when the first cigarette factory, called Tabacalera Costarricense, was established in the country.

In 1960, Mendiola & Compañía S.A. was founded to distribute the products throughout the country. In 1975, PMI acquired company shares and began to establish itself as a major business group engaged in cigarette production and marketing.

Key facts

Main brands

IQOS, HEETS, Marlboro, Chesterfield, L&M

In April 2018, Mendiola & Compañía S.A. and Tabacalera Costarricense S.A. merged under a merger through absorption mode. Thereafter, the only company affiliated to PMI in Costa Rica is Mendiola & Compañía.

Furthermore, in April 2018, PMI became the owner of 100% of the operation in Costa Rica, and it continued to distribute its products marketed throughout the country. In May 2020, it officially changed its corporate name to Philip Morris Costa Rica. PMI is preparing to continue, in the near future, a transformation process that seeks a smoke-free Costa Rica, by offering better choices to adult consumers who have decided to continue smoking. 

Smoking and health


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