Welcome to Philip Morris Zagreb d.o.o., Philip Morris International's affiliate in Croatia, one of the leading tobacco companies in the country. We have been present on the market as an affiliate since December 2005, when we acquired import and sales of our flagship brand Marlboro.

In December 2017 we launched our first smoke-free product in Croatia, the IQOS tobacco heating system and the heated tobacco units HEETS, and in 2021 the VEEV vape device and VEEV pods were commercialized on the Croatian market.

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IQOS, HEETS, VEEV, Marlboro, Philip Morris, Chesterfield

We currently employ over 120 dedicated and talented people, and our excellence in human resource management has been recognized by the International EQUAL-SALARY Certification continuously since 2018 and the Employer Partner Certificate that we proudly hold from 2015 until today.

In cooperation with the NGO ACT Grupa we launched Pokreni nešto svoje, a corporate social responsibility program providing financial and mentor-ship support for micro-entrepreneurs and start-ups, making a positive impact on economic development, entrepreneurship, employment, innovation and competitiveness.

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