First Philip Morris International Sustainability Report in the Baltic countries

22 Dec 2023
Philip Morris International (PMI) companies in the Baltics issued its first sustainability report.
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It covers the sustainability progress of our four local companies: Philip Morris Baltic in Vilnius, Philip Morris Lithuania in Klaipėda, Philip Morris Latvia in Riga and Philip Morris Estonia in Tallinn. 

For us, sustainability is a business strategy, it is our backbone and an opportunity for innovation, growth, and purpose-driven, impact-focused long-term value creation. Therefore, our sustainability journey began from the very beginning three decades ago with PMI's initial investment, marking us as the first foreign investor in the newly independent Lithuania.

This role empowered us to set new Western business standards in the Baltics. For more than thirty years, we have been working to maintain the highest bar in areas ranging from environmental policies to workplace culture and employee well-being. Also, PMI companies were among the first ones to implement sustainability initiatives to minimize the environmental impact such as zero-waste and carbon-neutrality at the time when others have been only considering such initiatives. 

This report outlines our sustainability goals, the results we achieved in 2022 in transforming our product and operational impact, and the progress we have made towards our mission to create a smoke-free future.

Among our achievements last year was the Carbon-Neutral certificate, awarded again to our factory in Klaipėda. Also, we ensured the safety of our factory employees and contractors. Besides, for the eighth time in a row, we gained a Top Employer award. Moreover, in 2022, our companies in Lithuania were awarded the Equal Opportunity Wings by the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman, marking our efforts in creating an inclusive workplace.

In 2022, throughout all the three Baltic States, we continued to share our vision and worked diligently with various stakeholders and institutions. Additionally, in 2022, the global PMI heated tobacco electronic devices recycling program CIRCLE was launched in Lithuania, solidifying our commitment to circular economy and helping to change the consumers behavior for the better. Furthermore, we implemented various national creative and impactful anti-littering campaigns in all the three Baltic States and many other initiatives.   

We invite you to read our report and discover the progress we have made. We hope that it sparks a meaningful dialogue, and by working collaboratively with the community towards positive change, we can complete our transformation for good.

Read the full report to find out how we're transforming for good

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