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Welcome to Philip Morris International’s (PMI) affiliates in Russia, comprised of two factories AO Philip Morris Izhora in the Leningrad region, and its branch Philip Morris Kuban in Krasnodar, and OOO Philip Morris Sales & Marketing with offices in approximately 100 cities. PMI’s business in Russia dates back more than three decades to the mid-1970s when the company signed a breakthrough production agreement with the Soviet government. This agreement brought Marlboro and a new brand, Apollo Soyuz to local consumers. In 1993, PMI acquired a controlling interest in the Krasnodartabakprom factory, which became PMI’s first large-scale Russian production facility.

In 2015 with the launch of IQOS, our revolutionary smoke-free product, Philip Morris Russia entered a new chapter. Read more about our vision here.


Key Facts

Number of Employees

Approximately 3,200

Main brands

Parliament, Marlboro, Chesterfield, EVE, L&M, Bond Street, Next/Dubliss, Optima, President, Philip Morris, IQOS, Parliament Heatsticks



Top Employer Russia 2022

Today all PMI cigarettes sold in Russia are locally produced at our two state-of-the-art facilities in Krasnodar, in the South, and St. Petersburg, in the North. Our Izhora factory in St. Petersburg is the first-largest PMI production facility in the world. To date, the company's overall investments in Russia amount to about USD 2 bln and every day our sales force assures availability and presentation of our brands at retail. PMI affiliates in Russia employ around 3,200 people at two factories and 100 sales offices across Russia.


Our charitable programs in Russia primarily focus on addressing the critical needs of society: development of the system of education and providing economic opportunities. In 2016, our charity budget exceeded $1,000,000. This money was aimed at many Russian regions, including an all-Russia program of computer, financial and judicial literacy for elderly and disabled people, as well as programs supporting the development of the professional and higher education.  

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