Welcome to Philip Morris Ljubljana, Philip Morris International’s affiliate in Slovenia, and the largest tobacco company in the country. We employ approximately 30 dedicated and talented people. We are proud to offer our quality products to adult smokers in Slovenia, which we've been doing since 1991.

Our portfolio includes 30 brand variants of many international brands, such as Marlboro, Chesterfield, Philip Morris, and L&M. In October 2017, we launched our smoke-free products: the IQOS tobacco heating system and HEETS tobacco sticks, in Slovenia. For more information, please contact our Customer Care support center at the toll-free phone number 080 96 96, visit our website www.iqos.com, or contact us by email at contact.si@iqos.com.

Key facts

Number of employees

Approximately 30

Main brands

IQOS, HEETS, Marlboro, Chesterfield, Philip Morris, L&M

Smoking and health


Philip Morris Ljubljana

Philip Morris Ljubljana, storitveno podjetje, d.o.o.
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