Tabacalera Centroamericana S.A. (TACASA) was created in the 1930s in the city of Quetzaltenango.

In 1965, Philip Morris embarked on growth and acquisition that generated important sources of jobs and revenues for Guatemala. The manufacturing was directly done by TACASA, and PROESA S.A. started distribution in 1994.

TACASA was the only cigarette manufacturer in the country until October 24, 2012. Today, TACASA imports and markets its products in Guatemala.

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In 2017, its transformation begins with the introduction of IQOS in Guatemala; this is revolutionizing the market and changing lives with the new, smoke-free technology for adult smokers who have opted to continue to consume tobacco products. IQOS is not for former smokers, non-smokers or people who wish to quit smoking. 

IQOS is present in stands in major shopping centers in the city, in the province of Quetzaltenango and the IQOS Boutique in Plaza Fontabella Mall, where all experience is displayed, and IQOS users can learn about the difference between a traditional cigarette and HEETS tobacco units, the IQOS technology and science, and our vision to build a smoke-free future.

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Tabacalera Centroamericana S.A.

Tabacalera Centroamericana S.A. (TACASA)
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Proesa S.A.

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