The Lebanon Branch of Philip Morris Management Services (Middle East) Limited (PMMS) was established in 2006 in Beirut. PMMS provides marketing services to support Philip Morris International brands, including Marlboro, Bond, Merit, and Chesterfield.

PMMS is an active contributor to charitable programs and supports organizations that address community needs where our employees live and work.





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Main brands

Marlboro, Bond, Merit, Chesterfield

As part of its charitable initiatives for 2016, PMMS has been working with the Lebanese Tobacco Growers’ Syndicate to support the tobacco farming community and provide opportunities for youth development. As a result, PMMS developed a tuition support program for the children of tobacco growers, who have successfully completed their schooling in public schools in tobacco-growing villages. This program encourages them to further their education.

For the fourth consecutive year, PMMS made a financial contribution of approximately USD 100,000, which was distributed among 100 students to help them pursue university education.


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