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Welcome to Philip Morris Slovakia s.r.o.

Philip Morris ČR was Philip Morris International’s (PMI) affiliate in the former Czechoslovakia. After Slovakia became an independent nation in 1993, Philip Morris Slovakia s.r.o was established to continue this business. By 1996, our company had become the market leader, and we have maintained this position ever since.

Philip Morris Slovakia imports its products from PMI factories throughout the EU. Today we sell five brand families: Marlboro, L&M, Philip Morris, Petra, and RGD.

Key Facts

Number of Employees

Approximately 140

Main brands

Marlboro, L&M, Philip MorrisPetra, RGD


We support a number of programs designed to prevent children from smoking. In 2012 alone, our employees trained retailers in almost 7,000 independent points of sale as part of a retail access prevention program designed to ensure that minors don’t have access to tobacco.

In addition to our youth smoking prevention efforts, we also have an active charitable contribution program that supports numerous social initiatives, including funding projects to help victims of domestic violence, support diversity programs, promote economic development, and provide access to education.

Philip Morris Slovakia

    Philip Morris Slovakia s.r.o.
    Galvaniho 15/A
    821 04 Bratislava
    Slovak Republic 

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