Our greatest strength is our people, and we are committed to mirroring the world in our workplace by making it as diverse and inclusive as possible. This is why one of our top priorities is providing our colleagues with an environment where they feel welcome, supported, and treated fairly, regardless of their background. Our aim is to create a workplace within which they can be their true selves and have the full opportunity to deliver their best work, driving the innovation and consumer-centricity that makes PMI what it is.


SMART WORK and Employee Experience

For Philip Morris Türkiye, creating a happy working environment where we can all thrive is one of our most important priorities.
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I&D Wellbeing 2


Our colleagues' physical and mental health is front and center in our people-first approach.
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Equal salary globally certified logo


One of our company’s top priorities is to provide equal conditions for both women and men to access opportunities.
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