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Philip Morris Spain S.L. was established in 1971, and today we employ around 360 dedicated and talented employees at our headquarters in Madrid and offices in Barcelona, Las Palmas, Madrid, Oviedo, Seville, Tenerife, and Valencia. We have been ranked as one of Spain’s Top Employers for the last seven consecutive years.

Our company is the Spanish market leader. Our brands are ranked among the seven top-selling brands: Marlboro is the most popular cigarette brand in the country, followed by Chesterfield and L&M. In recent years, we have boosted our presence in fine-cut and other tobacco products.

Most of the products we sell in Spain are manufactured in Philip Morris International’s (PMI) factories throughout Europe except for the Canary Islands, where all products are produced locally by means of third-party agreements.

Key Facts

Number of Employees

Approximately 360

Main brands

Marlboro, Chesterfield, L&M, IQOS

Tobacco and health

For us, our responsibility begins with the product. We manufacture and market a product that causes serious illnesses. We openly communicate the risks that smoking poses to health and advocate for comprehensive and proportionate regulation based on sound scientific evidence and on the principle of harm reduction.

We aim to provide innovative and high quality products to adult smokers and reduce the harm caused by tobacco products through a sustainable approach and with the highest standards of integrity. To achieve this ultimate goal, we are heavily committed to developing products that have the potential to reduce harm, investing USD 3 billion in research and development.

Commitment to support tobacco growing

PMI has been committed to tobacco grown in Extremadura, where over 90% of the tobacco crop in Spain is grown, both by purchasing tobacco from the Extremadura region and through our Agricultural Labor Practices program. In 2007, PMI and the Ministry of Agriculture signed a multiyear agreement to improve the quality of Spanish tobacco from Extremadura. PMI renewed the agreement in 2013, increasing its purchase of Spanish tobacco leaf by 33%, and with an approximate 5% annual increase for the following two years.

Fight against smuggling

PMI has been strongly committed to the fight against illicit trade since 2004 with the creation of a team of experts in the world’s major markets. Our team in Spain has a comprehensive plan based on innovative actions that range from the control of our products and their flows to public awareness campaigns. The Spanish regions of Extremadura and Andalusia are the most affected by the illegal use and sale of tobacco. For example, at the end of 2015, nondomestic cigarettes accounted for over 30% of the total cigarette consumption in Andalusia.

Our contribution to society

Philip Morris Spain is extremely active in the communities in which it operates and runs a broad charitable contributions program. The company has been committed to leadership and entrepreneurship training through collaboration with local universities since 2010. Our goal is to help those regions with the highest unemployment rate in Spain, which include Andalusia, Canary Islands, and Extremadura.

Head Office

    Philip Morris Spain, S.L.
    José Lazaro Galdiano, 6. Planta 4
    28036 Madrid 

Service Center

    Philip Morris International Service Center, S.L. 
    José Lazaro Galdiano, 6. Planta 4
    28036 Madrid

Canary Islands Office

    Philip Morris Spain, S.L.
    c/ Bravo Murillo, 28
    35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Consumer Service