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We’re known for our global portfolio of leading cigarette brands. And we’re building a new portfolio of smoke-free alternatives.

Our Smoke-Free Products

Our vision is to replace cigarettes with the smoke-free products that we’re developing and selling. These products are designed to create a flavourful nicotine-containing aerosol, without burning tobacco and smoke.

 Our current smoke-free product portfolio contains four products in various stages of development and commercialization. The first of these products, a tobacco heating system, is already available in many markets around the world.

In the UK, we launched our heated tobacco product in London in December 2016. It is currently available in key cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Bristol. We have also been participating in the e-cigarette market since 2013. In parallel, we have been developing innovative products that improve on our existing e-cigarettes and deliver higher product quality. In 2016, we launched our most recent e-cigarette product in the UK. This is the first e-cigarette product we have developed in-house under rigorous scientific standards.

We disclose the ingredients that go into our heated tobacco products. Use our ingredient finder below to find out what’s in each one.

classic-cig-iqos Filter PLA crimped Filter Ingredients Added to the Tobacco Tipping Paper Heatstick Paper Filter Plug Wrapper PLA crimped Filter HAT Plug Wrapper Tobacco Plug Wrapper Hollow Tube
Heated Tobacco
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