Few companies offer so many opportunities to have such an impact on the future of humanity and on the direction of a global industry. Read below for inspiration on how PMI employees envision their own futures, as well as ours. 


Director, Commercial
Deployment — PMI Canada


Milena’s passion for leading people and leveraging their unique skills is something she values in all aspects of her life. From mentoring youth, to weight training, and even raising three teenagers, her drive to impact the future is admirable.

Milenas message - transcript
My hope for your future is that you continue to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. That you are able to enjoy travelling to remote parts of the world, both for pleasure and for purpose. I know it is important for you to be a positive role model of humanity and by that follow a ‘pay it forward’ mindset. To show life lessons, comfort, support and resources where possible, that bring young women in particular to greater levels of personal achievement despite potential adversities. I also hope that your three children have grown to be strong role models themselves and have benefited by the foundation of values that you worked hard to instill which will richly bless them in utilizing their unique talents and living their vocation.


Manager Regulatory Affairs RRP
Sampoerna Indonesia


Tias is a dedicated mother, business owner and self-confessed Dragon's Den addict. Her passion for business filters through all strands of her life, but her motto remains the same: be bold, take smart risks and trust the right people.



Tias' message transcript
In the future, I hope to still maintain the spirit of an avid learner.


Area Sales Supervisor
NW - PMI Argentina


Ana is a master of balancing work and family life, whilst still getting her weekly Zumba fix. She believes that professional goals have no limit and always aims to see the positive in every situation.

Ana's message - Transcript
In the future I want to keep learning from experiences and be the person and mother that my children need.

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