Effective management of the environmental impact produced by our activity and throughout the supply chain means not only respecting laws and regulations, but also constantly improving our business methods to achieve the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Working together with tobacco farmers, suppliers, retailers, NGOs and authorities is key to success in our environmental initiatives. Our global strategy adopts a three-phase approach: promoting energy efficiency to reduce consumption, progressively moving towards renewable energies, and offsetting unavoidable emissions with ad hoc projects across our supply chain for procurement and generation of certified carbon credits. We do this in order to reach our goal of carbon neutrality in our direct activity by 2030.


Management of water resources

We promote careful and sustainable water management—starting from the tobacco fields, thanks to long-term agreements with our partners—right up to the manufacturing processes in our factories. We are, in fact, proud that the Crespellano production plant has been awarded a certificate by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) for ethical water resource consumption in the local area.
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Agriculture 4.0 and tobacco farming

Reducing the environmental impact and emissions is at the heart of the Philip Morris International environmental strategy, especially across the chain that supplies the most important raw ingredient—tobacco. Together with our partners, we promote the adoption of renewable energy sources as well as working with our suppliers on strategies to reduce the environmental impact of activity, in line with our goals to reduce emissions.
Cambiagesto Riccione (1)

Cambiagesto: the awareness campaign for the correct disposal of cigarette butts

Contributing to the solution of a complex problem such as cigarette butts pollution is one of the many elements with which Philip Morris implements its sustainable development strategy. Thus was born the Cambiagesto campaign which, launched in 2019, aims to sensitize smokers not to waste cigarette butts in the environment. Even a small gesture can make a difference.

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