Our vision

We are delivering a smoke-free future
The Cube, PMIs research and development facility in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

At Philip Morris International we are experiencing a profound transformation, which concerns our mission and identity. Our mission is to build a smoke-free future: a future in which all adult smokers who do not quit switch to new smoke-free products and abandon cigarettes. This is an ambitious goal, which requires a profound transformation and new skills in every area of ​​the business.

Quitting smoking or never starting remain the best choices ever, but for those who do not quit our mission is to replace cigarettes with smoke-free alternatives.

To achieve this goal as quickly as possible, the company's activities have been profoundly innovated: for example, in 2022, 99% of investments in Research & Development and 74% of commercial investments were dedicated to smoke-free products. Over 1,586 scientists, engineers and technicians in our Research & Development department are dedicated to the study and development of these products.

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