Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Bologna

The Philip Morris International industrial center of excellence in Italy
Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology facility in Bologna, Italy.

Since 1963, Philip Morris has operated in Bologna at the manufacturing plant of Zola Predosa. Thanks to the experience and competence developed over the years, the company expanded in the Emilia-Romagna region, opening a new manufacturing plant in the industrial area of Crespellano in 2016. The result of an investment of more than 1 billion euro, Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Bologna is our center of excellence for staff training, prototyping and large-scale production of smoke-free tobacco products.

The production plant at Crespellano

The result of a more than 1 billion euro investment, the Philip Morris production plant at Crespellano is the largest Italian factory to be built from scratch in the last 20 years. As the first plant of its type worldwide, Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Bologna is the center which establishes the manufacturing processes for heat-not-burn tobacco products. The learnings collected from this site are then exported abroad as part of the conversion process for the other 38 PMI manufacturing affiliates in 28 countries, thus extending the Italian manufacturing activity beyond national borders. Thanks to the work of over 1,700 employees, the plant satisfies international demand from more than 84 countries where our leading smoke-free product is currently marketed.

The production plant at Zola

Since 1963, Philip Morris has operated in Bologna at the manufacturing plant of Zola Predosa. Set up as a supplier for the State monopoly, since the Nineties, this plant has specialized in the production of hi-tech filters. The historic factory of Zola Predosa now hosts the Philip Morris Training Center: a plant for smoke-free products on a reduced scale, suited to the validation of production processes, sharing of knowledge and training of employees.

“Top Employer” certification for Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Bologna

Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Bologna was awarded ‘Top Employer Italy’ certification by the Top Employers Institute in 2023, for the 10th year running. The award, attesting to excellence in terms of programs of professional growth for employees, working conditions and opportunities for career progression, recognizes the efforts made by the company towards its workforce.

New Center for Industrial Excellence
In the autumn of 2021, the new Center for Industrial Excellence was inaugurated in Crespellano, the largest in the world of Philip Morris International for industrialization, process innovation, engineering and sustainability. 

The new Center is part of a broader investment plan for Italy amounting to around 600 million euro over three years connected to smoke-free products, with a direct and indirect occupational impact estimated at around 8000 jobs along the  related national direct and indirect value chain.

The new Center involves over 250 highly qualified people at full capacity.

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