About Philip Morris in Romania

We are building a smoke-free Romania.

Fabrica Philip Morris Romania

In 1993, Philip Morris International set up a local affiliate and in 1997 started the construction of a factory in Otopeni. The factory was completed in 2000.

Currently, in Romania, there are two entities: Philip Morris Trading, the commercial division, and Philip Morris Romania, the production division.

Romania shares the vision of a smoke-free future

Since 2017, PMI has invested over USD 500 million in transforming the Otopeni factory into an RRP (reduced-risk products) production facility. 

There are only eight such factories in the world, three of which are in the European Union.

The first tobacco consumables for IQOS, Heat Sticks™, were manufactured in the Otopeni factory in 2017 for the Japanese market.

Currently, following an investment of over USD 500 million, the factory manufactures HEETS™, tobacco consumables for IQOS, for the Romanian market and for markets on five continents.

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