Innovation is the main vehicle to ensure a better future for all smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke.

Since 2008, we have invested over USD >12.5 billion into the science and research of developing smoke-free products. Today, more than 1,586 world-class scientists, engineers and technicians help us achieve our vision of building a smoke-free future.

When it comes to science and research, we set ourselves high standards, and our scientific methods are inspired by the pharmaceutical industry. We share our scientific findings publicly and encourage others to review our work. Our vision is to offer current adult smokers a better choice than continued smoking. We are developing a portfolio of smoke-free products that deliver nicotine without burning tobacco and which current adult smokers find satisfying.

We invest people, resources, time and money to develop and evaluate the risk reduction potential of these new products. Our development portfolio includes four product platforms that can meet the different preferences of adult smokers and therefore help them switch to better alternatives than continuing smoking.

In order to make possible our vision of creating reduced-risk products, we need to work with the authorities to bring about change on a large scale in the shortest possible time.

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