December 10, 2014

ECLT Foundation's Pledge

Launch of tobacco sector Pledge to address child labor and other labor abuses in the supply chain welcomed: Philip Morris International

(Lausanne, December 10th, 2014): Philip Morris International, Inc. (PMI), today welcomed the adoption of a tobacco sector-wide pledge by the Eliminating Child Labor in Tobacco Foundation (ECLT).  The move falls on the occasion of the United Nations (UN) International Human Rights Day and it represents a first for any complete agricultural sector based on ILO Conventions and UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

“This marks a key milestone under ECLT Foundation’s leadership in bringing together the entire tobacco industry to tackle the serious issue of child labor through the adoption of common commitments. This is not just a first for the tobacco industry, but for the agricultural industry more broadly,” said Miguel Coleta, Director for External Labor Practices at Philip Morris International.   “At PMI we will continue to tackle these issues for the long-term through our Agricultural Labor Practices (ALP) Code and Program which seeks to progressively eliminate child labor and other labor abuses in our supply chain.”

PMI works with Verité , an internationally-renowned not for profit organization that helps companies and other stakeholders fully understand labor issues, overcome obstacles, and build sustainable solutions into their supply chains.  Verité helps PMI to oversee the implementation of our ALP program.   Commenting on the adoption of the pledge, Chief Executive Officer of Verité, Dan Viederman, said:

“Verité’s collaboration with Philip Morris International on the development and implementation of the Agricultural Labor Practices program over the last 3 years has demonstrated good practice for the elimination of child labor in complex agricultural supply chains. The ECLT Pledge recognizes that tobacco growing worldwide will not be free of child labor until the industry creates effective collaboration among farmers, suppliers, buyers and manufacturers. We look forward to supporting implementation of the Pledge which will enable all participants in the tobacco supply chain, and especially those underage who are currently working, to benefit from this commitment.”

For more information on ECLT Foundation and the pledge, visit their website here: 

For more information on PMI’s ALP program and implementation, global partners we work with and progress to date, please click here