July 13, 2017

PMI making significant steps to deliver on its promise of a smoke-free future

delivering on a smoke free future

In less than three years since the launch of IQOS, the first of our new portfolio of smoke-free products, smoker acceptance and our investment continue to grow: 

- Today, IQOS is available in more than 25 markets across all regions, and over two million adult consumers have already stopped smoking and switched completely to the product

- To keep pace with the overwhelming demand, we are investing in six factories in Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Romania and Russia to manufacture the heated tobacco units used with IQOS. This includes converting existing cigarette factories, and constructing brand new facilities for the sole production of our smoke-free products

- Our scientists have presented their research at leading conferences around the world and published their findings in over 200 peer-reviewed journals. We encourage others to review our science and to conduct their own studies 
- We have submitted two applications to the US FDA. If approved, one would allow IQOS to be sold in the US and the other to market it as a modified exposure or a modified risk tobacco product

We are committed to delivering on our promise and plan to create an independent foundation that will focus on accelerating progress towards a smoke-free future.