June 11, 2006

Philip Morris International Inc. appoints research and development head

André Calantzopoulos, President and Chief Executive Officer of Philip Morris International, Inc. announced today a number of significant executive appointments within the company’s research and development department.

Joining Philip Morris International as Senior Vice President, Research and Development will be Doug Dean, an executive with more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, specializing in risk exposure assessment and regulatory compliance. Dr Dean joins the company from a senior role with IBM’s Life Sciences practice, and previously worked for the global pharmaceutical practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Process Control and Automation Centre of Excellence in the Rockwell International group of companies.

Among the other appointments announced today were those of Frances Bruttin as Vice President, Product Regulatory Affairs, Moira Gilchrist as Director, Quality Management, and Hugh Brown as Product Risk Management Project Director. Ms Bruttin, Dr Gilchrist and Dr Brown all have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry in areas related to risk management, product compliance and innovation management and their work has been widely published in professional journals worldwide.

In announcing these appointments, Mr Calantzopoulos said: “One of Philip Morris International’s key strategic priorities is to work relentlessly on harm reduction. Our research and development function is central to the success of this strategy, which includes a sharp focus on our efforts to develop, manufacture and commercialize new products which may have the potential to reduce the harm caused by smoking.”

Dr Dean succeeds Urs Nyffeler, who is retiring after 37 years of exemplary service to the company. Mr Nyffeler successfully initiated a multi-year strategic transformation of the research and development function at Philip Morris International, to enhance its capabilities and processes for product development and risk assessment.

“Maintaining strong leadership, innovation and executional excellence in research and development is paramount to our future success,” said Mr Calantzopoulos. “The addition of four world-class pharmaceutical industry professionals to the existing strengths and capabilities of our organization will significantly enhance our ability to meet these goals.”

The appointments announced today will be effective 1 July 2006.

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