Humanizing globalization: How can we protect consumers from illicit trade?

28 OCT 2019

Alvise Giustiniani signing the Anti-Illicit Trade Declaration on behalf of PMI (Above)

Last month, leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors came together in the shadow of the Matterhorn for the Zermatt Summit. The annual conference brings together a wide range of voices to share their knowledge and insights on the world’s most pressing issues.

Speakers representing different businesses, organizations and start-ups debated and discussed, over four days, what needs to be done to humanize the global economy and make it work better for the citizens it serves.

Alongside a panel of experts, Alvise Giustiniani, Philip Morris International’s vice president of illicit trade prevention, spoke about illicit trade’s pervasive consequences on society and sustainable development, and how to leverage technology and innovation to better address it. Consumers are increasingly being exposed to illicit and counterfeit products.

Alvise was joined by Fran Van Rompaey (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), Professor Gianfranco Basti (Pontifical Lateran University of Rome), and David Behrends (Sucafina), as they discussed the need to protect consumers through greater collaboration between policymakers, academia, NGOs, and the private sector.

During the Zermatt Summit, PMI signed the Anti-Illicit Trade Declaration, joining delegates from more than 40 countries around the world in combatting a growing issue that is not just affecting government revenues or legitimate businesses, but consumers and society as a whole. The declaration calls on the international community to address all forms of illicit trade, underlining the need “to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders—whether an individual, organization or government—to pursue a long-term sustainable strategy to combat illicit trade as a global threat to the world economy.”

Click here to watch the highlights of the Zermatt Summit, including roundtables & debates, as well as keynote presentations.

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