Knowledge is power: Why adult smokers should have access to information about better alternatives

06 FEB 2023

Illicit trade makes cheap, unlawful tobacco products easily accessible—undermining efforts to reduce smoking prevalence and protect youth from smoking. It has serious consequences for consumers, and it undermines public health policies across the globe.

Access to information is central to preventing and combatting illicit trade. It is crucial that consumers learn about the consequences of buying unregulated, smuggled, or counterfeit products.

The lack of awareness around smoke-free alternatives—due to regulatory environments that don’t enable adult smokers to access the information they need to make a better choice—is a significant reason that millions are turning to illicit cigarette products and continuing to smoke.

It is only by giving adult smokers accurate and appropriate information that we can encourage them to make better choices.

Discover how PMI is working to tackle the problem of illicit trade and calling for regulation that creates an environment where better smoke-free products are known, available, accessible, and affordable.

Why Adult Smokers Should Have Access to Information About Better Alternatives


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