What is Unsmoke Your Mind?

How fact-based dialogue could deliver one of the public health opportunities of the century

Smoke-free alternatives have a role to play in public health. While it’s best to quit cigarettes or never start smoking, smokers who don’t quit have a right to choose better alternatives. Society needs the right regulation to support those better choices.

Our Unsmoke Your Mind campaign aims to open up dialogue and debate around the global public health issue of smoking. It is an invitation for all interested parties to come together and have a conversation based on the evidence about smoke-free alternatives, rather than relying on misconceptions and misinformation.

The issue of smoking has an as-yet unsolved problem:

There are 1.1 billion smokers in the world today. And according to the WHO, there will still be more than a billion smokers in 2025. 

Unsmoke Your Mind is an invitation to consider scientifically validated smoke-free alternatives and their potential to improve public health – in concert with existing anti-smoking measures aimed at preventing initiation and encouraging cessation. 

It is in the interests of the hundreds of millions of men and women who won’t quit that we have opened up and continue to pursue this dialogue and debate.

We are clear that the best choice is to quit, but men and women who don’t quit deserve access to, and accurate information about, better alternatives to continued smoking.

Scientific facts must drive this debate

Through Unsmoke Your Mind, we are inviting politicians, regulators, scientists and doctors to look at the existing science on the potential of smoke-free alternatives to be less harmful than continued smoking. 

We’re asking them to look at experiences from countries where regulations or governmental approaches are embracing smoke-free alternatives as an additional tool to move smokers away from cigarettes, and where consumer acceptance of these alternatives seems to be driving cigarettes sales down. 

Unsmoke Your Mind urges all parties involved in the conversation around science-backed smoke-free products to consider the role they can play in helping address a global public health issue.

The conclusions drawn by these parties may impact millions of smokers, and have the potential to create a world where cigarettes are left in the past.

While it’s best not to start smoking, and for smokers to quit cigarettes and nicotine altogether, adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking deserve the opportunity to choose better alternatives. So, society needs regulation that supports them. That’s what Unsmoke Your Mind aims to achieve.