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Jacek Olczak CEO of Philip Morris International

Tension can accelerate progress

Managing tensions positively encourages the emergence of new ideas.
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Suzanne Rich Folsom, senior vice president and general counsel at Philip Morris International

Insights from a Change Agent

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Senior Vice President, People & Culture, Philip Morris International

Learning is the key to managing—and inspiring—change

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It's time to rethink PMI


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Delivering progress
Building a better future
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Don’t wait to drive business forward: Start now, make it happen

We must take heed of changing consumer behaviors and ideate right now to drive progress.
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Moira Gilchrist, VP Strategic & Scientific Communications talking with a colleague

We cannot let misinformation get in the way of progress

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bin li pmi chief product officer

Change and innovation: A strategy for success

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"Give people the right information"


Jacek Olczak, CEO of pmi

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