Unsmoke Your World

If you don’t smoke, don’t start
If you smoke, quit
If you don't quit, change

To unsmoke means to rid smoke from your life. It unites all of us, smokers and nonsmokers alike, who want to unsmoke themselves, their family, their friends. The best way to unsmoke is to quit cigarettes and nicotine completely - but the next best thing is to switch to better alternatives. 

Unsmoking is happening. People are moving away from the old labels of smokers and nonsmokers, and uniting behind a common goal - a world without smoke. At PMI, we're helping to give them a voice, because it's time we all live in an unsmoked world.

Video April 04, 2019

Meet Nour, who successfully quit smoking

The Year of Unsmoke

Despite global efforts to encourage people to quit or not start smoking, there are still 1.1 billion smokers on the planet. The World Health Organization predicts that there will still be more than one billion smokers in 2025. It's crucial we address this issue.

We believe people want to make a difference. They want to help unsmoke the world by sharing their stories. How do we know?

Because our employees have told us.

Unsmokers at PMI - Our Employees share their stories

Cutting Through the Smoke

Quitting cigarettes and nicotine altogether is the best choice any smoker can make. But those who would otherwise continue smoking deserve alternatives that are a better choice than continued smoking. Many smokers have either never heard of them, or the information they get is insufficient or inaccurate. Let's cut through the smoke.


The Main Problem is Burning

Burning tobacco and other materials in a cigarette generates the vast majority of harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Getting rid of the combustion dramatically reduces the levels of harmful chemicals. Smoke-free products that do not burn and are backed by science are therefore better alternatives.

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