Unsmoke Hero: Mary-Lou Stavrinou

“It was easy for me to convince her.” Mary-Lou persuaded her mother to unsmoke.

Mary-Lou Stavrinou, a marketing manager based in Lausanne, Switzerland, didn’t like the fact her mother was still smoking. She shares their story as we join the #Unsmoke campaign encouraging people to rid smoke from their lives.

“She’s from the old guard, when smoking was sociable and fashionable,” says Mary-Lou. “And, to her credit, she did try to quit. Twice.” Once when she was living and working in South Africa, the second time when she retired in Cyprus.

But it didn’t last long.

Mary-Lou Stavrinou 5

Mary-Lou decided to step in. “She’s a lady with little knowledge of the internet, so I tried to sit down with her to explain what it takes to quit, what the alternatives are, and so on,” she recalls.

It was a truly heart-warming mother-daughter moment. “She trusts me, so it was easy for me to convince her that giving up smoking was in her best interest,” says Mary-Lou. “I’m glad she listened to me.”

“Give people a choice. We’re not machines, we’re humans. And giving people the choice to choose a better path for themselves is enriching.”

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