Unsmoke Hero: Mauricio Saenz

“I have less guilt.” Mauricio felt a sense of relief when he unsmoked.

Mauricio is one of our External Affairs directors. He unsmoked around four years ago and hasn’t looked back since. As we launch the year of unsmoke – here’s his story.

Mauricio smoked on and off for nearly seven years. During this period, he stopped several times to train for marathons. He admits that his pattern of stopping and starting smoking wasn’t really quitting, it was “my modus operandi – I never actually quit”. Mauricio enjoyed smoking, but was looking for an alternative to cigarettes. Finally, he gave up and unsmoked when he found a smoke-free alternative that worked for him.

Mauricio Saenz 2

When he switched, his wife was pleased with the absence of cigarette smoke from their home. “She hated the smell of cigarettes,” says Mauricio. “Now I’ve switched, my wife is not complaining. I was happy and she was happier.” Having switched nearly four years ago, he says that he now “understands why nonsmokers hate cigarette smell so much”.

Mauricio admits that he tried one puff of a cigarette recently after his device had ran out of battery, but he didn’t enjoy the experience. This cemented his determination not to smoke again. “I was with a friend and I had one drag and it was really bad,” he adds.

I have less guilt. And when I use my device, the environment around me doesn’t smell of cigarette smoke.

  • Mauricio

There are two distinct changes that he has noticed since unsmoking his life. He no longer feels ‘smokers’ guilt’ and enjoys more social freedom. “I have less guilt. And when I use my device, the environment around me doesn’t smell of cigarette smoke,” he explains. “I have more freedom to use it, so I can use my device while talking to people, which I wouldn’t have done before with a cigarette unless they were smoking too.”

But what advice would he give to current smokers? He says: “Quit smoking or try whatever alternative works for you.”

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