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PMI in Davos 2019 - at a Glance

Rethinking solutions for public health, women in the workplace, the need for companies to act on climate change - PMI's leaders drew a lot of inspiration from Davos. Find all articles at a glance.

The Crusaders of Change - Meet some of the people who drive PMI's transformation forward


Video January 23, 2019

Marian Salzman on PMI's biggest obligation

Video January 23, 2019

Jacek Olczak on transformation

Video January 23, 2019

Jaime Suarez on understanding our audience

Video January 23, 2019

Marian Salzman on why PMI is in Davos

Video September 18, 2018

André Calantzopoulos on why we need to start a conversation

January 22, 2019

PMI White Paper on Public Health January 2019