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News and events International organizations call for greater collaboration to tackle coronavirus-related illicit trade surge

Counterfeiters have been taking advantage of the tumultuous times. Police and media are warning the public to expect a steep rise in counterfeit goods.

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Interviews and bylines To beat illicit traders online, we must destroy their web of crime

Illicit traders mimic legitimate businesses, using all channels to attract prospective buyers and sell to them.

Interviews and bylines Women could be the key to fighting all forms of extremism in Africa

Africa has always been a difficult continent to secure from illicit actors. Areas are vast, hard to protect, and many borders are porous.

News and events PMI IMPACT - How we can help stop illegal trade around the globe

In 2016, PMI IMPACT was created with the explicit aim of finding and funding sustainable solutions to combat illegal trade.

Interviews and bylines Why businesses need to be involved in the fight against human trafficking

Human trafficking is devastating societies around the world. Estimates stipulate that between 20 and over 40 million victims are trapped in modern-day slavery.