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KPMG report finds European illicit cigarette market continues to grow despite overall decline in consumption

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fake goods online landscape

Protecting consumers: How do you avoid fakes online?

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Humanizing globalization - Protecting consumers from illicit trade

Alvise Giustiniani, Philip Morris International’s vice president of illicit trade prevention, spoke about illicit trade’s pervasive consequences on society.

Anti-illicit leaders gather in Greece to combat global black market

Governments and anti-crime agencies are increasingly turning their attention to the black markets that are funding international criminals.

Greek law enforcement raid factory primed to produce 600 million illegal cigarettes

Law enforcement authorities in Greece say a recent raid in the country has dealt another major blow against organized crime.

Transcrime Report: "Global illicit trade needs a global response"

A report by Transcrime has found that Europe’s illicit tobacco trade is being supported by criminal networks that extend into 128 countries.

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Latest Eurobarometer survey shows EU citizens still in the dark about links between black-market tobacco and organized crime

A survey on the perception of illicit tobacco trade has shown that people across the EU are still relatively unaware of its connection to the funding of crime.