Surge in counterfeit crime landscape

Pandemic caused surge in counterfeiting crime in the EU, EUIPO-EUROPOL report confirms

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Factory raids thumbnail

Raids on clandestine cigarette factories in Europe are on the rise

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“Empty cigarette packs left on streets and in bins across the world can shed light on illicit trade”

Billions of euros in tax are lost to governments every year because of illicit tobacco.

In Focus: A darker side to globalization

In July, the EIU released the Global Illicit Trade Environment Index, ranking 84 countries to which their policies either inhibit or enable illicit trade.

South Africa: Where one million packs of illicit cigarettes are sold every day

We spoke to Francois van der Merwe, Chairman of the Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa (TISA), a trade organization that represents tobacco farmers.

License to operate - why tobacco needs to embrace better regulation

There are many ways to fight illicit trade; one part of the solution are effective licensing regimes.

Illicit tobacco has a termite problem

Reports by the OECD and Oxford Economics have shown that illicit whites have become an increasingly prevalent issue in a number of regions.