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Videos Protecting consumers: How do you avoid fakes online?

The internet has had a profound effect on how people trade. It has enabled countless legitimate businesses to expand their customer base, providing access to markets across the globe.

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News and events Raids on clandestine cigarette factories in Europe are on the rise

An organized criminal group involved in the illicit production and distribution of fake cigarettes—destined mainly for the French market—has been dismantled in Slovenia

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Videos Standing up to the black market and safeguarding a smoke-free future

The fight against illicit trade continues unabated in 2022. PMI is working toward stamping out this global problem.

Interviews and bylines 2022 offers an opportunity to revamp our fight against illicit trade

This includes public-private partnerships, technological innovation as a disruptor of illicit operations, and concrete enforcement against illicit activities.

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News and events Germany becomes the second-largest market for illicit tobacco in Europe

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic and social impact of border closures and lockdowns, consumption of illicit cigarettes increased.