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Videos PMI IMPACT: We need a network to fight a network

Criminals operating in the illicit trade space are working in networks – not limited by laws or borders. They should be fought in the same way, creating connections across nations and between international law enforcement.

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Videos Fighting illicit trade on the high seas

We spoke to Laurent Audaz, Head of Insurance, Legal and Claims at MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company.

News and events Double-edged sword: The fake products fueled by technology—and the people using tech to fight back

The pandemic has driven an expansion in illicit trade. As consumers have accelerated the shift to shopping online, criminals have spotted an opportunity: fake medicines, fake personal protective equipment, and data theft.

Videos Illicit trade is “changing the name of the game” : Alain Juillet on the global coordinated efforts required to tackle illicit trade

Following the announcement of its third funding round in June 2021, Alain Juillet—Expert Council member of PMI IMPACT—recently shared his thoughts on the importance of a coordinated response between businesses and authorities.

Research and reports KPMG report shows unprecedented rise in counterfeit cigarettes in the EU

For the first time since 2011, total illicit cigarette consumption increased across the European Union in 2020, led by an unprecedented 87 percent surge in the consumption of counterfeit cigarettes.