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Interviews and bylines Stemming financial flows to strike at the heart of illicit trade

Whether the perpetrators are cloaked in legitimacy or networks consisting purely of criminals, they are all bound by the pursuit of money.

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News and events Organized crime group thwarted by international operation in run-up to World Anti-Counterfeiting Day

Over the past few months, an international team of law enforcement officers took down a prominent crime group operating across Europe.

Interviews and bylines We are having IMPACT in the fight against illicit trade. Let me tell you how

PMI IMPACT’s new round of funding will focus on projects that reduce or prevent illegal trade and counter its negative consequences for individuals, their families, and communities.

Interviews and bylines Can technology stem the rise in illicit trade? An interview with Carlos Moreira

To understand about how technology is being harnessed to stem growth in illicit trade, Victor Guerra spoke to an Expert Council member of PMI IMPACT.

Videos PMI’s Frederic Millet: Combatting illicit trade will help us achieve a smoke-free future

We spoke with Frederic Millet, Director of Illicit Trade Prevention, Reduced Risk Products, to find out more about PMI’s mission to achieve a smoke-free future.