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Videos How COVID-19 led to closer collaboration in South Africa’s fight against illicit trade

Amanda Lotheringen reflects on how COVID-19 has changed the ways of working for professionals combatting illicit trade.

Isreal illicit cigarette trade thumbnail
Interviews and bylines Israel’s COVID-19 measures have a promising impact on illicit cigarette trade

Israel’s recent response to the pandemic has shed light on the benefits of stricter enforcement measures to tackle criminals dealing with illicit goods on the borders.

Interviews and bylines A time to reset and rethink our fight against illicit trade

Criminals profiting from illicit trade have swiftly adapted and migrated their operations in the pandemic. We look at the significant trends.

Interviews and bylines Ambassador Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo on combatting illicit trade in the Balkans

The Balkans’ central location and long borders make it a prime target for criminal organizations looking to move illicit goods internationally.

News and events Award-winning anti-fraudulent goods campaign leverages partnerships to combat illicit trade

PMI received a Partnership Award from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for a campaign to combat illicit trade amid the COVID-19 pandemic.