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Interviews and bylines Yannis Mastrocostas from PMI on illicit trade prevention in Greece

We spoke to Yannis Mastrocostas, External Affairs, Illicit Trade Prevention Manager at Philip Morris International, to understand the issue in Greece.

Interviews and bylines Juhani Grossmann on using financial crime expertise to tackle illegal trade

The illicit trade of wildlife is a multibillion-dollar industry that is a vital source of money for criminal organizations around the world.

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News and events Understanding consumer behavior is key to tackling illicit trade

Deconstructing the consumer. Many studies have attempted to profile the types of shoppers who purchase pirated and counterfeit goods.

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Videos From pandemics to protection: discussing wildlife trade and COVID-19 with Freeland

Every year, billions of dollars line the pockets of criminal organizations engaging in human trafficking and the trade in endangered wildlife species.

Videos Tackling modern-day slavery - Interview with the Mekong Club

The Mekong Club, a PMI IMPACT grantee, is a leading Hong Kong-based association dedicated to uniting corporations to fight modern-day slavery.