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KPMG report finds European illicit cigarette market continues to grow despite overall decline in consumption

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Protecting consumers: How do you avoid fakes online?

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Understanding consumer behavior is key to tackling illicit trade

Deconstructing the consumer. Many studies have attempted to profile the types of shoppers who purchase pirated and counterfeit goods.

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From pandemics to protection: discussing wildlife trade and COVID-19 with Freeland

Every year, billions of dollars line the pockets of criminal organizations engaging in human trafficking and the trade in endangered wildlife species.

Tackling modern-day slavery - Interview with the Mekong Club

The Mekong Club, a PMI IMPACT grantee, is a leading Hong Kong-based association dedicated to uniting corporations to fight modern-day slavery.

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International organizations call for greater collaboration to tackle coronavirus-related illicit trade surge

Counterfeiters have been taking advantage of the tumultuous times. Police and media are warning the public to expect a steep rise in counterfeit goods.

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To beat illicit traders online, we must destroy their web of crime

Illicit traders mimic legitimate businesses, using all channels to attract prospective buyers and sell to them.